Telstra to terminate 3G network


Telstra will decommission its 3G coverage by June 2024, in order to make way for its 5G mobile network.

Last year, Telstra launched 5G with the release of the first 5G devices in Australia. Telstra’s 5G technology is now available in selected sites within 10 cities around Australia, and over the next year its coverage is expected to expand to at least 35 Australian cities.

In 2006, Telstra turned off its CDMA technology and re-purposed its 850MHz spectrum for its 3G technology – known as NextG.

Telstra will repurpose this same spectrum, this time to 5G to allow for continued growth and improvement of its latest generation 5G.

In the meantime, Telstra will be upgrading and expanding its 4G coverage to a materially equivalent size and reach to its 3G footprint. Most customers will generally notice an improvement in speed when using a compatible device – in many cases a substantial one.

Telstra is currently the only telecommunications company in Australia to announce a full closure of its 3G network.