Sierra Wireless announces new LPWA solutions

Sierra Wireless announces new LPWA solutions
Sierra Wireless has announced the introduction of AirPrime® HL and WP Series cellular modules for Category-M1 (Cat-M1) and Category-NB1 (Cat-NB1) LTE networks. 
Sierra Wireless’ solutions support the 3GPP standard for low-power wide-area (LPWA) technologies, which will supply a number of benefits for businesses developing IoT applications for markets such as energy, transportation and smart cities, by combining lower cost, broader coverage and better battery life with the globally available and secure cellular infrastructure.
“Having shipped more than 120 million cellular modules, no one understands the challenges that businesses face in deploying IoT services better than Sierra Wireless,” said Dan Schieler, Senior Vice President, Embedded Solutions for Sierra Wireless.
 “Our essential and smart application processing LPWA module options make it easy for existing customers to expand their deployments and for new customers to begin designing connected IoT products in applications where cellular previously wasn’t a fit.” 
LPWA technologies are expected to connect more objects in cities, homes, hospitals and stores, and on roads and remote infrastructure, enabling a more connected world.
Sierra Wireless AirPrime HL and WP Series modules are the smallest embedded modules (22 x 23 mm) to be completely interchangeable across 2G, 3G, 4G and LPWA technologies. They use the CF3™ form factor, which is footprint compatible across product lines, providing customers with the option to develop smarter by building their connected IoT product or service on a single module.
For more information about the new AirPrime Cat-M1 and Cat-NB1 cellular modules, click here.

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