AirLink LX40: The industry's most compact router in its performance class

Compact AirLink LX40 4G LTE power over ethernet gateway router
The Sierra Wireless LX40 is purpose-built for enterprise, commercial, and industrial applications. LX40 offers out-of-the-box connectivity that is simple to install and easy to manage, and is ideal for adding LTE connectivity to new or existing devices. 
At just 13 x 7.9 x 2.5cm, the LX40 is the industry’s most compact LTE router in its performance class. AirLink LX40 supports the IEEE 802.3f standard for PoE, allowing the devices to be powered directly from industry standard PoE switches or other PoE injectors. This option eliminates the need for a separate power supply – making it ideal for use in remote enclosures or hard-to-reach locations.
The LX40 comes in LTE Cat 4 regional variants, and a Global LPWA (Low-Power Wide Area) variant offering LTE-M/NB-IoT for applications where low data rates, enhanced cellular coverage and global deployment are required. The LTE Cat 4 variant is available with an optional Wi-Fi feature supporting Dual band 802.11ac, and Wi-Fi can be configured as a LAN (access point) or WAN (client) interface. Additionally, the Ethernet interface can be configured as either a LAN or a WAN interface, offering a high level of flexibility in LAN / WAN configuration.
Furthermore, the LX40 is suitable for in-vehicle applications, with ISO7637-2 compliance, and tested to military environmental standards. The LX40 also features ignition sense controls with configurable time-delay shut down, which is suitable for remote workers who need to maintain an in- or near-vehicle connection when on the road, to continue reporting events or uploading / downloading data on the go. 
LX40 users can easily manage and monitor data with its configurable GPIO feature. The I/O pin can be used in conjunction with events reporting to configure the LX40 to send a report when the state of the monitored router changes, for example when a switch is opened or closed. The device’s internal event engine allows for the reading and reportage of absolute values, and gives the user the option to set thresholds, which will generate alerts or trigger actions when the thresholds are reached. 
The LX40 offers versatile power modes based on I/O level, timer, or a combination of the two. Its configurable low voltage standby mode reduces power consumption if supply battery voltage is low, which is a useful feature for battery solar applications such as weather stations. 
LX40 customers can benefit from a free year of network management and support with AirLink Complete – a new zero-cost cloud management and 24/7 support service for AirLink routers and gateways. AirLink Complete combines device management, support, and warranty with eligible AirLink devices to create an added value solution to assist businesses with better operational efficiency, reduction in costs, and improved customer service.
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Separate mounting brackets are available for the LX40 in standard and din-mount format.
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* The LX40 is suited for connecting industrial, remote data logging and sensing equipment in protected (indoor) locations. IP21 rated ingress protection.