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Linkwave Technologies provides cellular wireless business network solutions that offer a consistent user experience and address common networking challenges. We enable you to take control of your communications infrastructure, all the while allowing you to remain flexible to adopt new technologies, improve your infrastructure, increase performance, and lower your costs. 





AirLink Management Service (ALMS)

AirLink Management Service is a real-time alerting application that easily allows you to configure, deploy and monitor thousands of gateways, remotely. With 15 devices or less, ALMS is a free service that you can subscribe to. Managing your estate is easy with ‘over the air’ updates, remote deployable templates, (ensuring device consistency) and a configurable, widget-based dashboard facility that allows for customised reporting interfaces. ALMS is also a secure ‘device initiated’ solution operating in the cloud, across public APN’s with vpn options to bridge from private networks.




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Advanced Analytics and Reporting (ARA)

ALMS Advanced Reporting and Analytics (ALMS ARA) has all the same powerful core capabilities in ALMS but adds advanced historical reporting capabilities through a series of pre-defined reports that provide insight into the range of telemetry data from AirLink routers and gateways, whilst supporting an unlimited number of users.

Using both light (ODB-II) and heavy duty (J1939) vehicles when connected to a device like the AirLink MP70 LTE Advanced Vehicle Router or the GX450 you have advanced reporting for your vehicle fleet. Reports can be run on one or a group of vehicles over a selected reporting range. For example:

Trips Report: Know what your fleet of vehicles have been doing with a historical view of vehicle location, with stop locations, speeding against enforced limits, and network connectivity status data.

Driver Behavior: Help keep your drivers safe and manage performance measuring driving habits such as hard acceleration, hard deceleration, cornering and speeding.





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AirLink Manager (AM)

On-Premises Network Management. Designed for applications where cloud-based management is not an option, the

AirLink® Manager (AM) is a leading-edge, end-to-end on-premises network management solution that enables simplified, remote and real-time mass configuration, control and troubleshooting of AirLink® routers and gateways, connected infrastructure and mission critical applications.

- Focused on fixed asset deployments

- Ideal for applications where cloud-based management is not an option

- On Premises management of gateways

- Configuration, deployment, troubleshooting

- Colour coded dashboard indicating device health with drill down capability

- Geographic view of gateway location



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AirLink Mobility Manager (AMM)

AirLink® Mobility Manager (AMM) is a leading-edge, end-to-end network management solution that enables simplified, remote and real-time mass configuration, control and troubleshooting of all AirLink® routers and gateways, connected mobile assets and mission critical applications.

- Available as cloud service (MG) or locally hosted (all AirLink devices)

- Deploy, configure and remotely manage any AirLink device

- Highly configurable dashboard with user defined thresholds & colour coded parameter display

- Custom event triggers and alerts

- On demand or scheduled reports of gateway status + telematics

- Gateway reconfiguration and firmware update

- Polygonal geo-fences for reporting purposes



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AirLink Connection Manager (ACM)

AirLink® Connection Manager (ACM) is a VPN appliance that securely extends the enterprise network to the mobile workforce. Optimized for mobility applications, ACM delivers a complete end-to-end solution to securely connect people and mission critical applications. ACM is available as a physical or virtual appliance.

The ACM maintains vpn’s with up to 2000 devices, using the highly secure FIPS 140-2 encryption standard. A high availability solution that allows you to push data without a static IP address. ACM is optimised for multi-network environments, minimising down-time and communication loss.


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