Lantronix UDS1100 / UDS1100-PoE Device Server

Serial to Ethernet Device Server

The UDS family of device servers provides a hassle-free and inexpensive way to add Ethernet connectivity to virtually any device with a serial interface. Designed from the ground up with ease-of-use in mind, each member of the UDS family enables users to connect to, monitor, and control their equipment from practically anywhere via a network or the Internet.

Supplied with Lantronix’ TruPort® COM Port Redirector software, UDS creates a fully transparent serial connection to existing PC-based software applications—making it possible to remotely connect to equipment already in the field as if it were connected to a local PC serial port.

  • Provides a simple and cost-effective serial-to-Ethernet connectivity solution for virtually any device with an RS-232/422/485 serial interface
  • Delivers flexible power configurations eliminating the need for costly power converters
  • Enables interoperability with a versatile collection of ready-to-use networking protocols
  • Network virtually any device in minutes
  • Access, monitor and control equipment over Ethernet
  • Replace dedicated PCs and/or modem lines with fast and reliable Ethernet networking
  • Configure quickly and easily via HTTP, DHCP, Telnet, serial or Lantronix DeviceInstaller utility

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UDS1100-IAP Industrial Device Server

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