IES-0208T Industrial E-Marked Switch

Lantech | Industrial E-Marked Switch IP67 / IP54

Lantech IES-0208T (IP67/IP54) is an 8 10/100 BaseTX + 2GigaT X-coded with M12-connctor

EN50155 unmanaged Ethernet switch for IP67 or IP54 rated protection, which meets the high reliability requirements demanded by industrial rolling stock applications.

8 10/100TX + 2 GigaT X-coded IP67/IP54 rated EN50155 Ethernet Switch

  • EN50155 verification / E-mark certified
  • Provides M12 connector with IP67 or IP54 rated protection
  • Wide Operating Temperature from -40°C to 75°C
  • Dual power inputs 9~60VDC. Optional bypass protection for 1-pair GigT ports
  • 110V single power input 43~137.5V for 110V model

Optional GigaT bypass protection
The optional 1 pair bypass relay is set to bypass the switch to the next one when power is off in order to protect the network from crashing. Lantech bypass caters to remain in bypass mode until the switch is completely booting up when power is back to avoid another network lost.

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Lantech EN50155 power fibre gigabit M12 IES-0208T Industrial E-Marked Switch

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