Celerway Pileus - Cellular 4G LTE WiFi Router

2 x 4G LTE & WiFi router
Suitable for connecting remote workers and branch offices using standard office applications. Utilising 6 simultaneous WAN connection (2 cellular 4G LTE) with a maximum load balancing capacity of 990 Mbps and 380+ Mbps over VPN.
Standard Pileus has 2 modems, 3 ethernet ports and WiFi, while a special kit for rack mounting allows for 2x Pileus in one rack enclosure. These can be connected with an ethernet cable and hence operate as one router with 4 modems.
A holistic approach to quality measurements in terms of collecting 50+ physical parameters and running innovative passive and lightweight active measurements ensure optimal and seamless load balancing and failover, also for VPN. The Celerway Phantom gateway ensures seamless user experience also in highly mobile scenarios.
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