Celerway Arcus 5G Cellular Router

4G, 5G & WiFi SDWAN Router

Introducing the newest version of our flagship router, ARCUS—powerful and ruggedized, now with 5G support and maximum flexibility to tailor configurations as needed.

With this modular design, you can choose the optimal mix of modems and WAN types for your use case, and CelerwayOS enables  dynamic load-balanced VPN across up to 7 simultaneous WAN connections.

  • World’s only dual-5G mobile router with 1 Gbps VPN throughput & support for 4G/3G/2G
  • Get a reliable, low-latency connection by combining 5G & 4G with any WAN type
  • Secure built-in WiFi for on-site teams & guests. Add WiFi access points over PoE
  • Future-Proof Connectivity, Use 5G & 4G with 3G/2G & Satellite
  • Connect Teams & Devices, Blazing Speed

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