AirPrime HL6528RD

Sierra Wireless | GPRS/GSM Embedded Wireless Module

Versions available:

  • AirPrime HL6528RD 2.1.4 — 1.8V
  •  AirPrime HL6528RD 2.1.4 — 2.8V
  •  AirPrime HL6528RD 2.1.4 — 1.8V with GNSS

The compact, low power AirPrime HL6528RD module from Sierra Wireless is a quad band 2G module offering GSM and GPRS communications. With an on-board IP stack, the HL6528 GPRS module provides a simple interface to set up IP data transfers. The HL6528RD also supports inbound and outbound SMS messaging and voice communications. Its compact CF3 footprint allows it to be soldered directly to PCB or fitted to a socket.

Product Details