AirPrime EM7421

Industrial Grade LTE-A Cat-7 IoT Module

Optimized 4G LTE connectivity offering 150 Mbps uplink speed and unprecedented support for LTE bands in EMEA and Asia Pacific.


The EM7421 IoT module is part of the Sierra Wireless EM module series, delivering high speed connectivity and a wide selection of advanced air interfaces, including LTE Advanced with carrier aggregation.

This LTE-A Cat-7 embedded module delivers 150 Mbps uplink speed and offers support for private LTE bands, making it ideal for industrial M2M and mobile computing solutions. Based on the PCI Express M.2 standard with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 interfaces, the EM7421 module offers an easy upgrade path to new network technologies and global access to high speed networks.

Free FOTA (firmware over the air) upgrades are available for this device. Click here for details.

Product Details